The 1916 Easter Rising

I've been away from social media for quite a while now. I've been consumed working on a project the last few months. It's continues to be a challenge in a bunch of different ways. It's on the way to being finished, but not I'm not there yet, still plenty to do.

The year that's in it I wanted to do something about the 1916 Rising. I'm sharing some images here of what I've been working on. Can't wait to release a final version over the coming months.



The month of February was extremely busy. To that end, I failed to deliver a new image for each day of the month on time. I'm very disappointed in failing to meet this goal. What was it that stopped me exactly? Without going into a myriad of excuses, the foremost reason was time and the lack of it. Or the misuse of time I did have. Here's my general breakdown...

> Spending too much time on particular images.

> Changes in techniques for the images. Its difficult to keep a consistent, recognisable style with the varied subject matter. I want variety and consistency!

> Other projects on the go...(logo and caricature commission).

> Trying to more successfully keep an online presence and researching how best to promote my work. Contacting publishers and agencies.

Does working forty hours seem like a waste of time to anyone else? The next thing to short is to analyze, ' why did that image take much longer than this?'. ' why didn't I ask 'the right questions' earlier when researching?' And...


How can I makes all of these processes quicker and easier for myself?

Get back to solidly using the template to nail each composition beforehand. Use markers to create value at small/big thumbs size. If it works small, it'll work big. Write any details to be incorporated beside thumbs.

More failures!

I'm disappointed about the posts that don't have any accompanying paragraphs. I really wanted to have each post have the added history background alongside the image. I'd like to think that others actually read them. In reality they help me understand the topic I'm researching. I'd like to be a better writer though and this helps.