TBT Motion Titles

I've finished my motion titles project for my tv show version of 'TodayBackThen'. I mean, it's totally ficticious right now...we'll see what happens in the future! To those who don't know much about motion graphics...I've used the still images I've created here for the site and animated them in After Effects. The sound effects were sourced from the BBC's sound effects archive. I've learned a lot from the project. 

I knew I wanted the opening to have pace…to be like a rapid-fire trip showing historical peoples and events along the way. The audience I imagine is somewhere beyond 'Horrible Histories' but not as far as a 'grown-up's' history show. It's my intention to create more work like this and aim toward producing content for museums and other educational applications.

Motion Titles

This is a progression of my last post about animating some of my images in the galleries. I reckon this is like 'Phase 2' of the project. I've selected the frames I want to use and mark out what parts of the image would be suitable for animating. After this test, I'll be stitching the finished individual animations together and then adding sound and typography and 'stylin' it up a bit!


Pol Pot

This is part of a hero/villians series I'm working through....villain one month/hero another month...

In secondary school, I was on the debate team and one of our debates was something about investigative journalism. I can't quite recall the whole thing but remember learning about John Pilger and his stories about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Jesus, some hateful stuff went on in Cambodia under Pol Pots rule. (Text source for the image: http://www.killingfieldsmuseum.com/cambodia.html)



An Cosantóir (The Defender) is the Irish Defence Forces monthly magazine. Recently, I produced some artwork and layout design for an article about the Irishmen that were detained and sent to Frongoch Prison in Wales after the 1916 Easter Rising. 

From clockwise: Michael Collins, Dick Mulcahy, Terence MacSwinney, Oscar Traynor

The 1916 Rising

This year marks the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. It remains an event of huge importance and the country was forever changed. Having a personal connection to one of the most important men of Irish history, the beginnings of this project started for me with a series of portraits. Once I began this history/illustration site, I knew that I'd like to create something I could say I've invested a lot of effort into.

I've been working on this project for a number of months and truth be told, I would have preferred to have released it about two months ago. It's been a real challenge but I think it's about time to finish up. This project though cannot encompass all the history surrounding the circumstances of the Rising. Neither has it paid the recognition deserved to all those whose contributions and efforts made for the rebellion. I would like to create smaller projects about the people I have not yet had the time to recognise within the scope of this project.

There are also elements I would like to address in the future. The project unfortunately is really best viewed on a desktop.  I aim to deliver an adaptive version (at some stage) My skills in these kinds of areas are sorely lacking.

I hope the project is of use to anyone interested in Irelands history.